Thiru Arooran Sugars
Both the Plants manufacture plantation white sugar from sugarcane.The byproducts arising out of sugar manufacture are Bagasse, Molasses and Pressmud.

The sugar plants will generate a quantity equal to 30% of total cane crushed. The entire bagasse is burnt in the boilers to generate steam for power generation as well as for sugar production.

Molasses produced will be around 4.5% of total cane crushed. The molasses will be processed in the Distillery at Tirumandangudi to produce Rectified Spirit ( RS ) and ENA ( Extra Neutral Alcohol ) which are consumed by the IMFL units.

Pressmud produced in the process of sugar manufacture will be sent to Distillery.

The molasses produced in the sugar plant is fermented in the Distillery along with enzymes to produce a fermented wash. The wash is distilled in a series of distillation columns to produce Rectified Spirit (RS). The RS may be sold in the market. The RS is further distilled and purified to produce Extra Neutral Alcohol (ENA) which is consumed by bottling units to produce IMFL. The impure materials removed during the production of RS and ENA are sold to those who produce different alco chemicals like Acetaldehyde, Acetic acid, Acetic Anhydride, Ethyl Acetate etc.,

The unit has also set up facilities to produce Ethanol,100% Ethyl Alcohol which can be used as a automotive fuel by blending with gasoline. The unit is in readiness state to support the Ethanol blending programme of Government of India.

In the above process spent wash is generated as a waste stream of which disposal as per TNPCB norms is critical for environmental compliance. The spent wash so generated is mixed with the Pressmud obtained from sugar mills in the compost yard to produce compost, an organic fertiliser. The composting activity is accelerated by the addition of a mixture of inoculams.

Terra Energy Limited is the only subsidiary company under Thiru Arooran Sugars Limited. There are two cogeneration power plants under the Company , one is located at Tirumandankudi, Papanasam Taluk, Thanjavur District and the other in A. Chittur, Virudhachalam taluk, Cuddalore District.

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